Florida Wedding Photographer

One bride says she had been waiting her entire life to get just the right man, another says that she never wanted to get married until Mr. Perfect came along.  One may be surprised at the proposal while another may say, “it’s about time”.  No matter what the situation is though, one thing is true in every case; the love and the passion that is felt, yes, the very thing that makes a fire inside of us burn, it is the same no matter where you live, what culture you are from, or what profession you are involved with.  Love is a powerful motivator and can cause us the greatest of joys and the most painful of pain, sometimes all at the same time.  Think for a moment about your wedding and your wedding day.  Maybe it hasn’t happened yet, or maybe it happened years ago.  What do you remember the most about that day?  Was it when you woke up and realized that this would be your last day single?  Or maybe it was when you walked into the ceremony and saw your almost-husband staring you down and about to have a heart attack because you were so spectacularly beautiful.  Or perhaps it was when you walked into the hotel room after the party and shut the door…  Whatever it is that you remember most fondly about that day, or whatever you hope to remember, never forget that it was all because of love.

When you were about to get married you had many things to do, and maybe it was difficult to keep everything straight in your mind, and maybe some details didn’t get as much attention as they should have because you were stressed enough about everything already.  Or, maybe everything went as smooth as possible because you had hired a wedding planner to take care of all of those little details for you.

POP Quiz – What is one thing that could be left out or slacked on that you would regret the most?  The answer is:

Wedding Photography is Important!

Why is wedding photography sometimes one of the things that is left till the last?  It could be that there is a limited budget, this is understandable, but not reasonable.  The reason we say this is because in the future, on your anniversary, or when you reminisce about the love you had at first, what are you going to hold onto and look at besides your mate?  When you go to pull out the photos, do you want to have photos that were blurry and unprofessional because some joe with a camera took them for $500?  Probably not.  One of the biggest regrets that a couple can have after the wedding is that they didn’t have a good wedding photographer.  If you spend more on makeup than a photographer, just remember, you can’t hold your makeup 20 years later and remember the love you had at first, but you can hold a wedding photo album!

Whether you are having your wedding in Miami, South Florida, the keys, Ft. Lauderdale, tampa, or anywhere else, you NEED to find a good wedding photographer.